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Types[ edit ] A mortise is a cavity cut into a timber to receive a tenon. There are several kinds of mortise: Stub mortise a shallow mortise, the depth of which depends on the size of the timber; also a mortise that does not go through the workpiece as opposed to a “through mortise”. Through mortise Wedged half- dovetail a mortise in which the back is wider, or taller, than the front, or opening. The space for the wedge initially leaves room to insert the tenon. The wedge, after the tenon is engaged, prevents its withdrawal. Through-wedged half-dovetail a wedged half-dovetail mortise that passes entirely through the piece. A tenon is a projection on the end of a timber for insertion into a mortise.


This refers to any relationship where the woman is leading her man. Femdom relationships is not a new form of dating. But the formal recognition of men asking for these relationships is new.

While it might be tempting to join accounts or open joint credit facilities while dating, I strongly discourage this for couples who are not married or in a common-law relationship. My main reason for this is a married or common-law relationship has laws that oversee or come into place during a divorce or separation.

Tweet Just put the bank name on the top and then on the letter greet the people who is reading it and then put on the letter that you want to close the bank account due to the following reason. Also put on the letter that you are authorizing the person who bear the letter to be the one to close the bank account and then finally thank the bank and would look forward in doing business with them in the future.

Here is a simple Sample Letter: To whom it may concern, Greetings. I am writing this letter to request my bank account be closed. I want to close the bank account due to the reason put reason. Also I am authorizing the person who bears this letter name of the person to fill up everything and get anything from you guys. Since I cannot processed it personally. Hoping for your kind consideration and Hoping we can do business again in the future.

Thanks, Your name; Also make sure that the person whom you authorize to process it should bring a valid ID at least two to be sure. Was this answer helpful?

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We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products or services. Other than having difficulty with getting a loan, what other effects should I expect in the future? What do you think? This is a great question, and needs to be addressed from two different angles. So, why does this myth refuse to die?

Tips for Managing Finances With a Significant Other Before Marriage. By Amber Gilstrap • October 5, However I am hesitant to share financial info while dating. I have never told a girlfriend how much money I make or what kind of assists I have. I was sharing a joint account with my ex, where we would put the same amount each.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Hello, first congratulations and good luck with the wedding planning it’s great fun but exhausting. I know Natwest has a reasonable rate on their instant ISA right now, but there may be better out there. What we did with my now husband was to talk to our banks and take the best one of the 2 to open a joint account and a joint savings account linked to it that way we had easy online access and we already knew the bank.

We didn’t have a card for the savings, but could transfer money to the current account in seconds online and then spend from there if you get an overdraft facility, then you can spend and cover back as soon as you get home – no charge and no interest either, so that’s good for unplanned purchases. Plus as we already lived together, the joint current account was useful in its own right – we still use that account now, as it’s really convenient and saves on argument about who pays for what i.

By the way, it will take a little while to get used to sharing your finances, but you will get used to it and it may even help you both change your spending habits for the better as you know have to think about your other half and joint spending.

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It said to minimise the risk of a regulatory burden on companies, or overlapping with existing laws, the legislation must clearly define which companies will be required to report and what part of their supply chains they will have to report on. It urged the government to minimise the costs of compliance and guide companies in the implementation. Woolworths also supports such an act but said similar to Britain, an appropriate threshold would need to be determined for mandatory reporting in Australia and that “this would need to be low enough to ensure adequate coverage of the Australian marketplace, yet high enough not to unduly burden smaller companies with excessive reporting requirements”.

I started thinking about creating a joint bank account with my boyfriend, whom we’ll call “Dave,” about six months into our relationship.

Ziskind, 57, has a seizure disorder and relies only on Ruby – his service dog – and marijuana to manage his illness. Although nobody denies that Ruby belongs in Ziskind’s life, the little green plant he also depends on, which he is forced to obtain illegally, is a different story. While the state Senate’s current proposed medical-marijuana bill, SB 3, is in the Government Committee, and the House’s proposed medical-marijuana bill, HB , is in the Health Committee, yesterday’s hearing was strictly informational and will have no direct impact on either bill.

Brust, a professor of clinical neurology at Columbia University, testified that there’s no scientific evidence to show that medical marijuana is effective at treating illnesses. Lee Harris, chief of neurology at Abington Memorial Hospital, said medical marijuana has “clear benefits,” and interest in it comes as the nation is experiencing “epidemic increases” in prescription-pain-killer deaths. Casarett, professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, said he considered the idea of medical marijuana a “joke” until he began to research the subject and learned that there is more evidence to support it than he ever imagined.

Casarett was also surprised to discover that pot was less risky in some ways than he expected, noting that studies have failed to find any correlation between smoking marijuana and lung disease. Irvin Rosenfeld is one of only two remaining federal medical-marijuana patients. He has smoked 10 joints a day for 32 years. The federal government provides Rosenfeld, who suffers from a rare bone-tumor disease, with his stash.

Rosenfeld, a Florida stockbroker, was Skyped into the hearing. Two, I’m a productive member of society,” he said. I’m alive because of it. He also hopes to parlay his expertise in wine preservation into marijuana cultivation.

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Today, I want to revisit a common but always interesting discussion around couples and money: Should a long-term couple married or not have combined or separate finances? It was in my early days of blogging and this post was actually the first time I received hate email and hate comments.

If you plan to open a joint checking account with your boyfriend or girlfriend, there are some complications that can come, particularly at tax time. If you regularly make large deposits, for instance, you could trigger an audit for not reporting the deposit as a gift.

June 22, at 7: Yah all need to grow the fuck up!! You people act like the child is a damn meal ticket.. If you are the parent and want information and can not obtain it yourself-you are a fool! Either both parents work together for the best interest of the child -meaning lose the power trips- or file motions to enforce-motion of contempt and back to court ya go..

Again if the social is required the other parent has every damn reason to know why and in the event where opening a savings account for instance can bring undue pressure onto a home with physical custody under federal housing-can fuck that up.. The other parent has every right to partake in ANY legal affairs-hospital trips-doctors appointments etc… You guys need to stop thinking about your wallets and start thinking about your behavior and how it effects the child. It is called a credit report for a reason-meaning you can call all three major reporting bureaus and access a report by talking to someone directly to make sure nothing comes across that number and if so you have a record of it!

I called ahead of time.. So if my ex uses it for anything other then the well being of our daughter he hangs himself.. For 18 years the tables can shift and pull so you are not getting rid of the ex completely unless the court orders it.. It is also called parental kidnapping if the non custodial parent flees with a child and or refuses to bring a child back past their visitation orders..

Bankruptcy and Marriage: Should You Marry Someone Who Went Bankrupt

Wounded in battle, he was later shortchanged on his pay by the Pentagon. Army medic Shawn Aiken was once again locked in desperate battle with a formidable foe. Not insurgents in Iraq, or Taliban fighters in Afghanistan – enemies he had already encountered with distinguished bravery. This time, he was up against the U.

May 05,  · Still, being aware that difficulties do arise, I’d go with the apparent majority on this and say a joint account for shared expenses, while also keeping separate accounts, is probably the way to go.

When two people own an asset jointly, and one owner dies, the remaining joint owner takes ownership of the entire asset by right of survivorship, thus causing the asset to pass entirely outside of the estate of the deceased person. However, there are advantages and drawbacks to this tool. While the convenience and tax savings may be beneficial, once an asset is owned jointly with another person, you may lose control of that asset in a substantial way.

In Canada, assets held jointly between a parent and an adult child are treated in an particular way, as per the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Pecore v. Pecore , SCC If a parent places an asset in joint tenancy with an adult child, when the parent dies, the presumption of resulting trust will apply, meaning that the asset will revert back to the estate of the parent.

This presumption can be rebutted if it can be shown that the parent intended the adult child to take the asset as a gift. One such way of indicating this type of intention is by using a deed of gift, but anything expressed orally or in writing is helpful in determining the true intention of the parent and ensuring that the gift will be enforceable.

This will help to mitigate the risk of a beneficiary of the estate taking the position that that the child’s name was added to the account only for the purpose of allowing the child to help the aging parent with his or her banking, and not with the intention that the child should inherit the account on the parent’s death.

In the Pecore case, the aging father set up a joint account with his adult daughter, Paula, for the purpose of avoiding taxes on his death, as well as providing for her.

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We were dating at the time and pooled our resources to do the first two deals. We both had good jobs at that time, although I was leaving mine to do my MBA. We moved into one of the properties so we could put less money down and still qualify for good financing. Despite the cash challenge, we still managed to add another four properties to our portfolio in and

Watch video · Open a Joint Account Consider setting up a joint bank account, if you don’t already have one, that can be used to pay the mortgage, property taxes, .

BBC A former drug addict who was jailed for murder, has become the first person to be released from prison following a change in the way joint enterprise killings are interpreted John Crilly was given a life sentence for murder and robbery in after he and associate, David Flynn broke into the home of a year-old man in Manchester.

Flynn attacked the pensioner, Augustine Maduemezia, punching him in the face, and he later died. But both were convicted of murder under the law of joint enterprise, which is used to prosecute defendants in cases where they may not have struck the fatal blow, but could have foreseen violent acts carried out by their associates.

The joint enterprise law has also been used in a number of high profile cases – including to convict members of the gang who murdered Stephen Lawrence. Augustine Maduemezia was killed during an attack in his home in Credit: MEN Media But two years ago the law came under fresh scrutiny when the Supreme Court ruled that judges had been wrongly interpreting the legislation. He told the BBC he believed he should never have been convicted of murder in the first place.

He said”I wasn’t a violent drug addict.

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