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March 2, at But what is it really like to be a young queer person living in Russia today? The everyday stories help to complete a fuller picture. Dazed set out to answer that question by aggregating some first-person accounts from Russian youth. Below are some highlights names have been changed — you can find the full story here. I only cared about the opinions of people I care about. And I always had the support of my friends. It can be hard to find a partner in a small town and plan for the future though. In Russia, there are people who call themselves patriots but think that gays are traitors of the country; enemies; paedophiles. I often think about leaving Russia, but not because of the homophobia but because of the politics.

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Natural resources[ edit ] Of particular agricultural importance are valuable agricultural ordinary and southern chernozyom areas; chestnut soils are widespread. The oblast has many water resources: Minerals[ edit ] More than 40 small oil and gas fields have been explored in the region, with the unexplored part of the promising areas being unexplored. Explored a lot of oil shale deposits, including a large Ozinskoye, deposits of quality cement raw materials, phosphorites, construction, ballast and glass sands, construction clay and stone.

Climate[ edit ] The climate in the region is temperate:

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In July , Russia unilaterally suspended all judicial cooperation with the United States in civil and commercial matters. The Russian Federation refuses to serve letters of request from the United States for service of process presented under the terms of the Hague Service Convention or to execute letters rogatory requesting service of process transmitted via diplomatic channels. The Russian Federation also declines to give consideration to U.

While the Department of State is prepared to transmit letters rogatory for service or evidence to Russian authorities via diplomatic channels, in the Department’s experience, all such requests are returned unexecuted. Likewise requests sent directly by litigants to the Russian Central Authority under the Hague Service Convention are returned unexecuted. Russia’s policy in these matters is assertedly based on objections to a fee, imposed by the United States on June 1, , for all requests for service from any foreign country whether submitted under the Hague Service Convention or via diplomatic channels.

This fee is designed to cover the costs incurred by a private contractor hired by the U. Department of Justice to administer the service functions of the U. Central Authority for the Hague Service Convention. Such fees are permitted under the Hague Service Convention and routinely charged by many States party to the Convention. Nevertheless, under Article 12 2 , an applicant shall pay or reimburse the costs occasioned by the employment of a judicial officer or other competent person.

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Most of the families came from German speaking lands although a small number came from other parts of Europe such as England and the Scandinavian countries. As soon as the would-be emigrants had signed their immigration contracts and arranged their affairs, they were assembled in a few centrally located cities, where the Russian agents found them temporary living quarters and gave them daily allowances for food.

The mile voyage by ship from Germany to Russia could normally be made in 9 days. Inclement weather and unfavorable winds could prolong the journey to several weeks. Sometimes dishonest ship captains would delay which allowed them to sell provisions at inflated prices as the colonists’ supplies diminished.

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The Volga was and still is a vital transport route between central Russia and the Caspian Sea, which provides access to the oil fields of the Apsheron Peninsula. Hitler planned to use access to the oil fields of Azerbaijan to fuel future German conquests. Apart from that, whoever held both sides of the river could move forces across the river, to defeat the enemy’s fortifications beyond the river.

At the same time, Germany could permanently deny this transport route by the Soviet Union, hampering its access to oil and to supplies via the Persian Corridor. For this reason, many amphibious military assaults were brought about in an attempt to remove the other side from the banks of the river. In these battles, the Soviet Union was the main offensive side, while the German troops used a more defensive stance, though much of the fighting was close quarters combat , with no clear offensive or defensive side.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March The Volga in the Zhiguli Mountains.

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The coins were struck by taking a piece of silver wire, cutting it to the proper weight, then smashing it between a pair of dies by a strong-armed Russian. As might be expected, the coins are quite crude and are usually struck partly off-center. We are pleased to offer you this selection of Russian Wire Money which covers a vast sweep of Russian History. In he declared himself Czar of all Russia, a title derived from the ancient Roman term Caesar.

In many ways his reign was to foreshadow that of Stalin’s. He set about centralizing the Russian government and consolidating his power.

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Introduction This Taxonomy answers 2 questions: Why do thousands of people around the world, who are not Molokan by faith, many despising Molokane, falsely claim to be Molokane? If not Molokane, what and who are they?

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January 16, at 3: Long polar winters mean no daylight at all, just one day changes another without any sign of the Sun rising above the horizon. There is only polar night for day a year. But across this Northern coast there was always a short way for the cargo boats to travel from Eastern part of Russia to the Western. Now this trip can be made fairly easy with the appearance of all the satellite navigation equipment like GPS and others, but during the Soviet Era they had none of this.

So, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union decided to build a chain of lighthouses to guide ships finding their way in the dark polar night across uninhabited shores of the Soviet Russian Empire. So it has been done and a series of such lighthouses has been erected.


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Her name is Svetlana Osipova, and she is from Russia, in a city called Saratov.

Saratov women online, Russia I work in a kindergarten as a Junior teacher. I have a daughter she is 7 years old. it so happened that I divorced my husband 2 years ago.

Through her research, she draws attention to the characteristics of prostitution in the illicit market and analyzes different approaches to dealing with its negative consequences. The surveys were conducted in the form of a questionnaire, discussion, and website-based survey administered on the Russian social network site Vkontake. According to Fomicheva, during the Russian Empire, prostitution was partially legalized under strict supervision p.

The first systematic legal regulation of prostitution was reflected in the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire Under the law, only certain places were authorized to provide prostitution. The author notes that biletnyie prostitutki provided services in brothels and blankovyie prostituki worked in rented apartments under the supervision of pimps. Prostitutes without the proper documentation were detained by the police and forced to undergo medical check-ups, then sent to places authorized to provide the service.

Punishments for violations of the law included forced repentances in churches, monetary charges, detention in a police correctional house, and even closing the unauthorized organization involved in prostitution i. Driven by socialist ideology, the Soviet Union implemented repressive measures to eradicate prostitution p. Per Fomicheva, in the early years of the USSR, prostitutes were viewed as victims of capitalist structure.

She notes that in the s lawyers, medical doctors, narcologists, and venereologists conducted a major study on prostitutes and homeless women, including underage girls. The study revealed negative social and hygienic consequences of prostitution: By the late s, Soviet society considered prostitutes enemies of the socialist class. Some measures against them included incarceration in mass concentration camps Gulags and being sent to monasteries for corrective rehabilitation.

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