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Scheduled for delivery in 1Q , the jackup rig will be deployed in the Caspian Sea when completed. The work scope of the rig will be shared equally among the two members of the consortium. According to the Oil and Gas Journal dated January , Kazakhstan’s proven oil reserves was estimated at 30 billion barrels and its natural gas reserves at 85 trillion cubic feet. With Kazakhstan’s vast oil and gas reserves, our yard in Kazakhstan, which has been operating in Aktau since , stands ready to support the country as it unlocks and realises its production potential. Teniz Burgylau is grateful to its shareholders KazMunayGas and KazMunayTeniz for the given opportunity to contribute towards this target by stepping up our drilling operations. This rig will incorporate Keppel’s advanced and fully-automated high capacity rack and pinion elevating system, and Self-Positioning Fixation System. It will provide maximum uptime with reduced emissions and discharges. Keppel Kazakhstan is also the first yard to launch a steel floating vessel into the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. The above contract is not expected to have material impact on the net tangible assets or earnings per share of Keppel Corporation Limited for the current financial year. Keppel Kazakhstan was founded in to service the oil majors operating in Kazakhstan.

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TH – Prevent framed art from falling off the wall or slipping off a nail or hook. Tremor hooks are for areas where the wall shakes from slamming doors, trains or earthquakes. Tremor hooks can also be used in swaying boats. Tremor Hangers are also called Kidsafe Hangers since they easily prevent a picture from being pulled off a wall or bumped off. Tremor hooks have a raised nail collar to guide the nails in at the proper 45 degree angle.

McCABE & MACK LLP IS A LEADING LAW FIRM CUSTOM SOLUTIONS THAT REFLECT YOUR NEEDS. We take the time to listen and explain, then assemble the right team of in-house talent to address your concerns and achieve your goals. A primary focus of our practice is counseling individuals, families, businesses and municipalities in Dutchess County and.

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District Judge Matthew F. Portalatin had sued Blatt Hasenmiller, who had previously filed suit against her on behalf of Midland Funding, her creditor, according to the district court order and other court documents. Portalatin has since settled her dispute with Midland Funding. Portalatin successfully claimed that Blatt Hasenmiller brought their suit in the wrong venue, as they filed the action in the Cook County Circuit Court’s First Municipal District in downtown Chicago, rather than at the county’s courthouse in Maywood in the circuit’s Fourth Municipal District, where Portalatin lived.

Blatt Hasenmiller has consistently claimed it committed a “bona fide error” by relying on previous legal precedent, a appeals court ruling, which the law firm maintained should render it not liable for suing a consumer in the wrong municipal district. In August , the district court granted Portalatin’s motion for summary judgment, overruling Blatt Hasenmiller’s defense.

Your body should pivot clockwise as you throw the left hook and this will turn the car away from the right hook and minimize the damage. Your left hook should land perfectly. You can keep doing this as long as the car keeps up the wild right hooks.

Sarah Charig Share article: On 18 November , the Court of Appeal brought an end to the long running Excalibur Ventures LLC v Texas Keystone Inc and others litigation, providing some useful guidance on the extent to which third party litigation funders may be liable to pay the costs of a successful defendant in a funded claim. As a result, the defendants were awarded their costs to be assessed on the indemnity basis. The Court of Appeal disagreed. It explained this argument suffered two essential defects.

Second, the funders had chosen to back a speculative and opportunistic claim; they had every opportunity to carry out a rigorous analysis of the law, facts and witnesses before deciding whether to invest and at key points throughout; they could not disassociate themselves from those they had chosen to fund. The judgment also clarified other noteworthy points. Also, when exercising its discretion to make a third party costs order, the court held there was no reason to limit an order for non-party costs to only those funders with the contractual relationship with the litigant; the court will look to the economic realities of the situation.

Positively, whilst the judgment reflects a financial loss to the funders, the clarification of the applicable principles is an acknowledgement of the growing role of third party funding in high value commercial litigation. However, to those contemplating funding litigation, the judgment highlights the importance of conducting a thorough analysis of the claim at the outset and of performing periodic reviews of the litigation strategy to reduce the risk of indemnity costs orders.

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Google Lens can identify the people, places, and things you’ve captured in your photos. Our guide tells you what makes a bad password, why you should care, and how to make a good one, too. Rubenking, Jill Duffy With phishing attacks, the target is you, the user. Here’s how to protect your personal information and avoid these scams.

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We are offering j hook, j-hook makes selecting the exact product quick and easy, customers can remove product from any position on the display peg. Hooks fit a variety of peg fixtures and speed up .

Registration and breakfast Known for his work in business, the law and entrepreneurship, he has been named as one of Africa’s next generation leaders by the African Leadership Network. Cross-Border Trade and Investment Trends in Africa Our panellists will offer their views on current trends in trade and investment in Africa, examining how evolving investor sentiment and government policy are shaping investment decisions, examining the latest developments in key business sectors and key African trade blocs, in giving updates on recent developments, challenges and opportunities to intra-African trade.

Our panel of speakers will assess the current state of the market in the extractive industries, and assess the longer-term trends that may affect it. How are businesses and nation states working together to ensure that returns are sustainable, while ensuring Africans receive the full benefit from their own natural resources? The session looks at best practice and current problems — and solutions.

Coffee and Networking With Public-Private Partnerships taking on a larger role in the development of such projects, our panel will assess what counts as success, and give advice on how to surmount the inevitable hurdles.

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Leads corporate, accounting and IT departments and oversees systems control and development. Worked in the offshore oil and gas, petrochemical and renewable energy industries in compliance for 38 years. Engineering Manager since with extensive experience in the engineering management of multiple international EPC and EPIC projects which include joint ventures and project management groups. Adept at full system design and package management as well as management of multi discipline engineering and drawing office teams on multiple projects for numerous clients.

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The decision to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home is not an easy one to make. However, most New York residents comfort themselves with the thought that the home where their loved one has been placed is staffed by experienced, well-trained, caring and compassionate employees. While many of these homes adequately meet the needs of residents, too many times employees at these homes subject innocent residents to abuse and neglect.

Take the recent case involving one New York man as an example. There, a nurse aide was taken into custody after allegedly abusing an elderly resident at a nursing home. According to reports, the man was wrestling with a year-old resident and eventually punched him in the face.


Enabling Content in Chatbots and AI: The Microcontent Solution Recorded: The addition of Bots, voice-enabled interfaces, and Artificial Intelligence means we must change the way we structure content. We are moving from a broadcast style of communication — publish and hope for the best — to a more conversational style of communication. More question and answer. This imposes requirements on the content models you need to create if you want to talk to the Bots.

sp autopilot drive solutions precision products for power and sail boats. professional solutions for stern drive & outboard engines hook-up table hook-up table installation envelope top view side view min mm (10in) clearance front-back (mm / in with spacers).

We are proud of our high level of customer service and we always expect the same attitude to ourselves. They worked efficiently and always kept in contact about the project status. Their work was extremely impressive and far exceeded our expectations. They were able to create a visually impressive, user friendly software which can now be used by healthcare providers all over the world. The feedback from our users has been incredibly positive. We are very grateful for the fantastic job they did.

They clearly outlined the scope and expected outcomes of building an app that would deliver reports to MRAG Americas, Inc. They have successfully executed more actionable development strategies than most people have even started to think about. They approached every challenge with a brilliant attitude and returned with a trustworthy advice on how to handle tasks impossible for others.

We continue to get positive feedback on the product from our clients. Whether it is hardware and software development, website creation or hosting and IT support, they timely provide everything we ask for. We believe that future lies in close cooperation of technology and mankind.

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Devry Smith Frank LLP Until married couples obtain a divorce, the law still considers them to be married, even if they are living separate and apart. Miller Thomson LLP In a previous piece available here , we discussed parents’ obligations to pay child support in respect of only the Basic Monthly Amount. Jersey Wills For Foreign Domiciled Persons Ogier This briefing has been prepared for clients domiciled outside Jersey who are considering making a will to cover their Jersey based movable assets.

Review of the Property Relationships Act – for a just division of family property Wynn Williams Lawyers This Issues Paper provides recommendations intended to ensure a just division of property at the end of relationships.

Prior to being recruited to RF Controls, Chris spent three years at Deloitte Consulting, co-leading the Firm’s Wireless & Sensor Solutions practice, dealing with a diverse range of business transformation opportunities, across industries, through the application of change-enabling technologies.

According to a witness who was riding a bike behind the collision, someone driving a car southbound on Broadway, turned right onto Hoyt and hit a bike rider who was going in the same direction. Ambulance and police responded to the scene and the bike rider was taken to the hospital. As we shared back in , it seems like a no-brainer that color is key ; but studies and that FHWA experiment have been inconclusive so it remains uncolored.

But we all know that bike boxes are mostly intended to be effective only during red light situations. When the light is green, people in cars are allowed to ignore them and the intersection is treated like any other place with a bike lane to the right of right-turning auto traffic which many people think is an inherently unsafe design. What makes this intersection tricky is that there is a lot of bicycle traffic going straight and a lot of auto traffic turning right.

This means people in cars might have trouble estimating the time it takes for the bike rider to arrive in their path. Back in October , PBOT expressed concerns about the safety risks at intersections with a combination of high bicycle speeds and a bike box.

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Sarah Gogan Tuesday 5 December Congratulations to immigration partner Sarah Gogan who has been listed in the newly released Spears The guide is an annual publication that recognises the top private client advisers, wealth managers, lawyers and service providers for high net worth HNW individuals. Individuals are ranked after extensive research by the Chambers team with opinions sought from clients, peers, referees and competitors. Published today, this collaborative electronic guide provides an overview of the legal aspects of buying and selling real estate in eleven jurisdictions internationally.

However, it also introduced opportunities.

If the financial institution is unable to recoup its full loan amount when it resells the property, then the financial institution will obtain judgment against the homeowner for the deficiency and turn to the insurance policy to make up the shortfall.

FEA analysis on multipart assemblies with Solidworks Simulation. Product Development Support Steve M. Hill Financial Manager A native Oregonian, Steve first gained experience with computer programming and financial systems at Stanford Research Institute while working his way through Oregon State University. He regularly works with company management and founders to collaborate on corporate policy and strategy, entity choice and formation, raising funds from investors, negotiating and writing contracts, sales and acquisitions of businesses, and intellectual property protection and licensing.

Represented clients in the acquisition or sale of businesses in the United States an Donald B. He is an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of high quality sensor, measurement, biomedical, and bioanalytical lasers. Applications include machine vision, process control and alignment with special expertise in laser and MEMS systems and laser nanotechnology applications. He conducted research at the Center for Advanced Ma Rhonda Coleman Rhonda Coleman communications Rhonda Coleman is a smart marketer with a valuable and diverse public relations and marketing background.

She provides PR, written communications, social media content and marketing project management for firms requiring compelling communications on tight deadlines for internal and external audiences.

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