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Cassie Ventura has earned a significant name and fame in the field of Singing and acting in America. She is not only a well known singer and actress but also a notable dancer. She started her career as a singer in when she was recognized by a well known recording artist Ryan Leslie. After this she sung number of single songs in America. After making herself as a singer she stepped into acting industry. She made her acting career debut through a super hit film Step Up 2: The Streets in She received great appreciation for her role in that film. Moreover she also sung a song Is It You in this film.

Cassie wishes Diddy a happy birthday amidst breakup

The on-again, off-again romance between Cassie Ventura and Diddy seemed like it would never end. And Cassie has something to say about it — in the form of a cryptic message that she posted to Instagram. Cassie and Diddy used to break up all of the time.

Cassie and Diddy met in the early s when she inked a contract with Bad Boy Records. The two were first linked romantically in , but rarely spoke about their relationship.

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Diddy & Cassie Get Naked in Video

Michelle Music mogul, rapper, actor, producer and father Sean Combs better known to us as Diddy has allegedly called it quits with the beautiful singer Cassie. She really did sticky by him through any and everything he has been through. Reps for Cassie have confirmed with Love B.

May 14,  · PROOF that Diddy is dating Cassie – They HUGGING!!! Look at these pics of Diddy and Cassie cuddled up and hugging in NYC at central park. My sources told me that Kim Porter had a private investigator follow them, and thats who took these pics!!!

Why is Diddy on the Nore album? Then came “Y La Familia Ya Tu Sabe” has dropped and it should be no surprise that “Oye Mi Canto” is on the disc, but …after this long most people either bought the single or bootleg it and it dropped N. In short he is integrating “reggaeton” with Hip Hop and to boost his sales and get himself more well known he has often united with other rap artists and to pull in more sales it’s apparent Diddy can do this and thus, N.

Although a brilliant artist he lacks in lyrics and by adding more people into his mix Noreaga both lowers the burden for having to carry an album and increases the lyrical viability of the album in EITHER language, allowing him to simply be the charismatic thug he is when called for and not worry about any kind of “dopest rhymer” credentials. They have been reported to being engaged which some aspects of it is seemingly true.

Casandra Elizabeth Ventura stage name: She is a Filipino-American model, hip hop singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, and music video girl. She graduated from high school in Her self…-titled debut album was released August 8, It has sold over , copies in the US so far. Her second album is going to be released in with the help of Sean Diddy Combs who is helping to develop her musical career in the wake of several rocky live performances.

Are Sean Diddy Combs and Cassie Ventura Really Dating

Participate in miami beach photo lock. Nude again, this time for peta girlfriend, cassie contactmusic. Still has did i was discovered by p diddy. Huge diamond engagement ring on what kind of before then, has offended. Up news on the model naomi campbell, actress cameron diaz.. Real name sean didnt hear the romance though — adokiye.

Ryan Leslie Talks Diddy Falling in Love With Then Girlfriend Cassie! Elle B. Share. Tweet. Pin. Cassie and Diddy It’s because of Ryan Leslie why we know who Cassie is and he’s the one who introduced her to Puff Nevertheless.

Unique among the members of the Circle, Cassie doesn’t judge Jake over his past actions and instead sees Jake’s vulnerability and compassion beneath his devil-may-care exterior. Isaac , Jake’s witch hunter superior, warns him that Cassie Blake is very compelling, insinuating that Jake could very easily fall for her and thus turn rogue on their group’s witch-hunting agenda.

Yet even though Jake tries to deny his feelings towards Cassie, he seems to be falling for her all the same. She didn’t like his brother as he frequently spied on her through his bedroom window, which was situated right across from her’s. However, after Nick’s death, Cassie was seen crying after getting a glimpse of Nick’s empty bedroom, suggesting she had begun to care for Nick before his passing. Season One After waking up to a sound, Cassie witnesses Jake putting out a crescent-shaped fire in his backyard.

Confused by who he is, Cassie asks her grandmother, Jane Blake , about him. It is revealed then that Jake is Nick’s long-absent older brother who has come back for his funeral. Jane also reveals the circle remains unbroken, since Jake, being Nick’s brother and from the Armstrong bloodline, completes the circle in Nick’s place. Jake and Cassie formally meet when he comes to the Boathouse , angering both Adam Conant and Faye Chamberlain , the former because of money Jake stole from his father while under his employ, and the latter due to their unpleasant romantic history.

After Jane warns Cassie not to reveal the circle’s existence to Jake, Cassie goes home only to find Simone , a witch hunter, waiting to ambush her. While walking outside his house, Jake hears Cassie scream as she is fighting against her attacker and runs into the house to help her. Both Jake and Cassie cast a spell that burns Simone’s eyes, causing her to flee. Cassie learns that Jake found out his witch heritage through his own family spell book, which he found before leaving town years before.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Splits From Longtime Girlfriend Cassie Ventura (Report)

Sending a tentative congrats to Cassie and Diddy! Recently, Cassie stepped out in Hollywood to pick up a “decaf” ice coffee The outfit does seem to attempt to hide her belly, we admit? However, a few shots captured a glimpse of her from the side, which gives a peek at her slightly protruding tummy. She is super fit and works out religiously, so many feel that this indicates that a little one is on the way!

Style just released a commercial for Diddy‘s new fragrance, “3AM” starring the hip-hop icon along with longtime girlfriend intense, hyper-sexual clip is shot like an action movie.

Hope Diddy didn’t tag her! He is rumored to do stuff like that. IamAllnatural She better run if she needs help. Them joints are leaned in how Fat Joe leaned back Kayke No, sometimes I’m scared for her. Renee26 Oh, well that sounds like there’s some dysfunction in her family for that child to not be with her own parents But in all due respect sir, I am NOT the one who’s “relationship” photo was featured on sandrarose Simone Why is everyone a model that don’t look like a model!

BorisBlack1 You made a comment implying that if he wasn’t a baller she wouldn’t date him which may or may not be true.

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Diddy and Cassie have long been an item, officially since and just last week there were rumors that Cassie was pregnant. Sadly, that rumor proved false and now the couple has reportedly called it quits.

According to her, dating the same guy for over 5 years and above is just a waste of time. Toke who is divorced from ex-husband, Maje Ayide, said she is talking from experience as she has also being in a long term relationship. She stated that having a long term relationship does not translate to a happy married life when the couple decide to tie the knot.

That is my take. I feel like if you meet someone, two years is decent, two and half years is decent, By three years, its like ‘what again are your trying to find out’. What didn’t you find out in the first and second year. I feel like 5 years is taking the piece and for seven years, you are absolutely having a laugh. By 10 years, it’s like ”are you the lord of the rings?

Diddy and Ex

The year-old Ventura was seen wearing a grey and white maxi dress that displayed her cleavage in photos published by the Daily Mail. When she crossed her legs, her thighs were fully exposed, and photos showed her later trying to cover herself. Click here to see the photos. Diddy and Ventura were clearly having a good time, laughing and cozying up to each other. Diddy sat with his arm around Ventura’s leg.

Diddy breaks his silence on his rumored split with Cassie after 10 yrs of dating. Home October 27 Diddy breaks his silence on his rumored split with Cassie after 10 yrs of dating. Nikky Admin, October 27, October 27, , news, 0. Share this: Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window).

And we, as artists, we sometimes get nervous. It just made me appreciate that she got nervous, and it was kind of cute to me, to be honest. But by June , there were rumors that Cassie had been dropped from Bad Boy. People really understand that she does have some talent and it takes some time to mold it. I think she had some rough shows, just being nervous. Sometimes people have to break out of that. Both teens received luxury automobiles from Dad.

Combs explained his complicated family tree to Wendy Williams last year: These are people that were my friends…Then I would get my heart broken and then my friend would be there, and I would fall in love with my friend, and then I would get my heart broken. In the beginning with the first album, everything was moving so quickly and I was moving around so quickly and bouncing from country to country, I never had the opportunity to really talk to him.

Up to now, when we have conversations about the past three, four years and how I automatically changed and everything, he would say patience is what helps you. I travel so much, host parties and I just signed a new deal with Skam Artist, who predominantly deejays in the same bookings that they do at different parties. I just want to get you wat you Like!

Cassie Finally Breaks Silence Over Her Shock Breakup With Long

He may not be in the spotlight as much as he used to be, but fans were shocked when news hit that him and longtime girlfriend Cassie Ventura had split. The two were together for nearly a decade, and though they tried to keep their relationship as private as possible, the public occasionally got a glimpse of how in love they were. In , fans started to catch on that Cassie and Diddy may be more than just professional collaborators.

They managed not to make their relationship public until , however, as they both thrive off of privacy.

Sean “Diddy” Combs, head of Bad Boy Records, may have signed singer Cassie Ventura in , but after years of rumors of a romantic relationship between the pair, the mother of his child is letting the cat out of the bag about their connection.

Who is Jocelyn Chew? Diddy’s rumored new girlfriend after Cassie breakup revealed 1 month ago Who is Jocelyn Chew? Diddy’s rumored new girlfriend after Cassie breakup revealed Diddy and his long-time female friend Cassie have reportedly decided to name it quits The rap music magnate seems to be courting Jocelyn Chew within the wake of the split Diddy and Cassie formerly broke up in , but rekindled their flame Cassie and Diddy have reportedly decided to name it quits after nearly six years together.

The rap tune rich person seems to have moved on following the conclusion of his future courting. He and the year-historical model have been spotted spending a major amount of time together in recent years, even vacationing to Miami as a couple. They were additionally observed striking out all over a recent Drake live performance.

Jocelyn is never the most effective girl Diddy’s been spotted with because his rumored split from Cassie, although. He’s been seen out and approximately with a lady referred to as Gina Hunyh on a few events. Diddy’s affinity for ladies may be the explanation why he and Cassie known as it quits. According to LoveBScott, she determined she without difficulty wasn’t interested in being with him if he meant to proceed being with different ladies.

Cassie’s rep confirmed her break up from Diddy, but didn’t provide a explanation why. So, who’s Jocelyn Chew?

Rarely Discussing Their Relationship, Cassie Finally Talks About Marriage With Diddy