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This means you should have easy access to the entertainment you love and information you need — from music to local news to sports and more. This also means that in an emergency, you can still receive critical information from local radio stations. The concept is similar to your car radio — if you can tune to a station in your car, you can tune to it on your smartphone. Why Can’t I Use It? This isn’t something you can activate on your individual phone. Public broadcasting stations are asking wireless carriers to activate the already-installed FM chip.

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Metro PCS stores do not directly support unlocking the phone at their location. Therefore there is no need for the phone to be Flashed. Flashing is not directly supported by metro pcs and may be against their terms and conditions; however, it is still possible to flash the phone.

All of our repeaters marked as compatible with AT&T 4G operate on this frequency range – to filter and just see these products, you can click here. AT&T currently uses this frequency for super-fast 4G data, while voice, 2G and 3G continues to run on the “dual band” frequencies of /MHz.

Edit If you have a cell phone with a built-in browser that can connect to the Internet then you are able to try this. If your browser on your phone doesn’t work ask your cell phone service provider and your cell phone manufacturer for help. If you don’t have a built-in browser you can download a trial copy of the Opera browser to your computer and then upload and install it on your phone. You don’t want to use your phone to surf for the software and install it over-the-air OTA since you will pay a lot for data access or use up your kbytes.

If you can’t get a browser for your phone working it may be that the following will not work for you either. You can read your cell phone manual or ask your cell phone service provider if you can get “data access” for your phone. You can ask to trade-up for a phone that does offer this funtionality. You can test if the following would work by opening your cell phone browser.

Your cell phone service provider’s “Home Page” is often free, otherwise it will only cost a few cents since it should be a tiny page. This is like using ADSL or a cable modem except much slower and much more costly.

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Lucky for you there are some things you can do to get it to work correctly. Wi-Fi is the way to go if you have access to it. Going over your data plan on your Smartphone can start adding up pretty quickly.

Aug 08,  · You can join Consumer Cellular at no charge and keep it for just a month with no contract (just a thought) My husband has Verizon and uses only the data plan while on STJ, due to all the extra charges that can be racked up.

Today there is over different companies offering a fiber connection. A great resource for any consumer looking to upgrade to Fios TV. This article outlines everything you would want to know about Fios TV including: When is Fios coming to my neighborhood? Make sure to check out the speedtest comparison as it truly shows the power of fiber vs docsis 3. If Fios is new to your area you should check and see if you might receive the same benefit.

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Advertiser Disclosure Are you tired of forking over the big bucks for a cell phone with a data, talk, and text plan? Luckily, the days of outrageous cell phone bills could be almost over. According to new data, it appears that increased competition from discount carriers has been pushing the price of cell phone plans down over the last few years. Even better, some of the most popular cut-rate plans will let you bring your own phone or purchase an unlocked phone that will work on their network.

The big difference in how it operates is the fact that Mint SIM sends you a SIM card in the mail so you can set up your new phone service yourself. The pricing on these plans lets you pick how much high-speed data you want, and you never have to commit for more than three months at a time.

Jul 05,  · AT&T (work),Alltel(personal) probably if you call customer service and DO NOT tell them it is a verizon phone. just say you lost your phone and someone gave you this phone just read them the ESN number and they should do they will be verizon in 6 months anyway.

Share Save Travel plans about to take you beyond the land of broadband? Venturing far afield from the great kingdom of WiFi? You may have been born with This How-To will show you how to get a decent Internet connection for no cost other than the phone minutes you use while connected. It should also come in handy for you folks not located on the left or right coasts, and for those of us non-urbanites when the coffee shops are closed stay tuned next week for Phillip Torrone’s USB coffee maker How-To And remember, the Motel 6 does not offer WiFi.

Gather ye materials while ye may: If your carrier is Verizon, you don’t need to pay any extra fee for data transmission, and you have two connection options:

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They use very similar technology to provide customers with a feature rich multimedia TV, telephone, and internet experience. Technology Verizon has decided to deploy fiber optic connections directly to subscriber homes. This is called fiber-to-the-premises FTTP. Since Verizon is not making use of the existing copper wiring between their field equipment and the residence, they will lose a lot of time laying fiber connections, and it will take an extremely long time for a widespread roll-out of Fios.

Op you should be fine, gsm arena says the Verizon s5 supports all bands and technologies for AT&T and Verizon. Just need to make sure the phone is unlocked. permalink.

There are several other ways to get out of a cell phone without paying a penny, and with the current competition, some cell phone providers will even pay the termination fee for you if you sign up with them! Here are some ways to get out of your cell phone contract without paying the Early Termination Fee. And carriers are doing everything in their power to entice people to switch to their network. The best current transfer offer is with T-Mobile, which offers an unlimited plan with no contract.

Visit this offer link. Transfer your current phone number to T-Mobile Process your trade-in within 14 days of your new phone purchase T-Mobile will offer you credit based on the market value for your eligible device. After entering your order number and T-Mobile phone number, print the postage paid shipping label and send in your device. Submit your final bill. Eligible device trade-in, device purchase, qualifying plan and port-in required.

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Bob Thompson Update I wrote this article in early and it still remains very popular. Read the update, the original article below, and check the comments for a lot of good information other readers have shared. To cut to the chase, YES, you can if your phone is eligible.

Unlocked iPhones Can Now Be Used With Metro PCS Service. by metrorumors. not on the lost/stolen or negative list then it can be used with Metro PCS Service. Can Metro flash my Verizon iPhone 5 or Sprint iPhone 5? (AT&T or T-Mobile) then the phone can be unlocked to Metro PCS. If you have a CDMA iPhone (Verizon or Sprint) then it can be.

From Browser to System Compromise The winning submissions to Pwn2Own provided unprecedented insight into the state of the art in software exploitation. Kernel exploitation using the browser as an initial vector was a rare sight in previous contests. This presentation will detail the eight winning browser to super user exploitation chains 21 total vulnerabilities demonstrated at this year’s Pwn2Own contest. We will cover topics such as modern browser exploitation, the complexity of kernel Use-After-Free exploitation, and the simplicity of exploiting logic errors and directory traversals in the kernel.

We will analyze all attack vectors, root causes, exploitation techniques, and possible remediations for the vulnerabilities presented. Reducing attack surfaces with application sandboxing is a step in the right direction, but the attack surface remains expansive and sandboxes are clearly still just a speed bump on the road to complete compromise.

Kernel exploitation is clearly a problem which has not disappeared and is possibly on the rise. If you’re like us, you can’t get enough of it; it’s shell on earth.

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The question arises, why they do so? Well, there are plenty of reasons like customer retention, their engagement, higher profits and sales growth for their companies. These network providers also offer different gadgets and devices to promote their sales. But what if you want to use your new iPhone X on another carrier? This article will help those who are engaged with these network service providers and want to buy iPhone X from them.

You will also find this information helpful if you are switching to some better network for better packages or you are replacing your phone with new one.

If I buy iPhone through Verizon Wireless, can I keep the number I have with another wireless service provider? If your old phone is a non-Verizon phone (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.), you’ll need to install the Verizon Content Transfer app on your old phone. during set up, you can specify your existing Apple ID.

During a blackout, FiOS customers without a battery, household generator, or other type of backup power system will lose their landline voice service, including access to emergency Read our generator buying guide. New FiOS business customers will continue to receive a free battery, at least for the time being. Verizon joins other carriers, including Time Warner, Cablevision, CenturyLink, and, most recently, Comcast and Cox Communications, in requiring new customers who want a backup battery to pay extra for it.

Telecommunications company RCN said it too will continue to provide free backup batteries, as well as replacing worn-out batteries at no charge. Copper lines carry not only the communications signal but also the electricity needed to operate a standard corded phone, even during a blackout, a capability fiber-optic cables lack. The more than 5.

The battery provides up to eight hours of standby time, less if phones are used to make or receive calls. Dworsky is a member of the Verizon Consumer Advisory Board. The Federal Communications Commission requires telecommunications companies to provide emergency access to digital landline phone users, but it does not mandate that they provide a way to keep phones operating during power outages, when access may be needed the most. Verizon made the decision following a pilot program it conducted last summer in parts of Texas and Florida.

Kula said 93 percent of the tens of thousands of new customers who were given the option to buy the battery decided against it, adding that no customers chose not to order FiOS because Verizon was not providing the battery for free.

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Can you send a fax over a cell phone line? I recently went to a cellular home phone connection through Verizon, and did not realize at the time I could not use my fax machine with that. Now I have no land line phone connections.

I have an iPhone 6S from Sprint that I wanted to hook up, however on the phone Verizon told me my SIM card was fried and I’d have to go in store to get a new one. My husband and I go into the store and they tell me that my iPhone is still locked by ://

Cell Phones , Utilities NerdWallet adheres to strict standards of editorial integrity to help you make decisions with confidence. Some of the products we feature are from partners. We adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity. Some of the products we feature are from our partners. Straight Talk Wireless has emerged as a leader in low-cost home phone services. Having a landline was once costly, yet necessary for many households.

This no-contract service offers ultimate flexibility, as service can be adjusted or even cancelled at any time. Two plans are offered? Straight Talk allows you to keep your existing home phones — up to two corded devices and unlimited cordless. The choice of whether to keep your existing phone number or get a new one is entirely up to you. How does Straight Talk stack up?

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Also, never work on a phone line during a thunderstorm, since lightning can travel down the wire causing serious injury. To disconnect the line, find the telephone interface box which is usually mounted on an outside wall where the phone lines runs into your house. Open the customer access panel and unplug the test jack.

Verizon vs. AT&T – Read a comparison of AT&T wireless services and Verizon wireless services. No phone AT&T has can ever make up for the fact that once they get you past the 30 day test period, AT&T’s mission is to nickel and dime you to death with features and processes designed to generate extra fees here and there. After years with.

Legendary hacker George Hotz , aka Geohot, has won the race and can now step up to claim his prize. Hotz is not just your average developer, he’s the guy who brought jailbreak to the original iPhone and unlocked the PlayStation 3. So when he hacks a device, he does it in style. Geohot’s Towelroot uses an exploit found by fellow hacker Pinkie Pie that causes the kernel to crash on Linux-based systems such as Android.

While the kernel is in this crashed state, an app can ask for superuser permissions and be granted them, even though root isn’t normally accessible to the current user. Towelroot induces this kernel crash, gains superuser permissions from Android, then uses them to copy over the requisite files so that other apps can get superuser permissions in the future.

What’s more, the Towelroot exploit doesn’t require a PC or complicated ADB commands—it’s an app that can be sideloaded like any other. This makes Geohot’s root method the easiest one yet. And if user reports are to be believed, the exploit doesn’t even trip Samsung’s Knox. Nonetheless, you should still proceed as if your warranty will be voided as soon as you root your device.

Enable Unknown Sources Since Towelroot is not available on the Google Play Store, you’ll need to ready your device for the installation of sideloaded apps. From Settings, under the System section, tap Security. In here, just tick the box next to Unknown Sources and press OK. Download Towelroot Hotz has made his root exploit app available to all through its website.

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