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Ross doesn’t like it, but he eventually turns the tables on Rachel. Chandler and Monica try to find a minister for their wedding, but don’t like their options. They decide to let Joey who’s being ordained over the Internet perform the ceremony. Monica gives Phoebe some pills for her headache. When Phoebe finds out about the possible side-effects, she fears the worst. While discussing how they first got together in London, Chandler finds out that on the fateful night when Monica first came to his hotel room, she had been planning to hook up with Joey. Phoebe can’t help wondering what things would have been like if Joey and Monica ended up together, prompting an alternate-storyline flash-forward of Monica cooking lots of fried food for a very fat Joey. The one where they said How do you feel about Diet Coke?

The ending of Friends finally explained

While Ross and Rachel were on again and off again and – at times – pretty annoying, Monica and Chandler were the rock in the middle, moving in, marrying and being generally adorable. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below But it turns out that if it weren’t for the show’s fans, none of that would ever have happened at all, because their fling was only originally meant to be a one-off thing.

Giphy The studio audience were so shocked, they actually had to break from shooting the scene. But that wasn’t a person — it was an entire, immediate expression of joy.

Chandler may have spent a lot of his time pre-Monica hopeless, awkward, and desperate for love, but he did hook up with Rachel’s boss in her office. And, as has happened in many provocative-for.

When do monica and chandler hook up And then, later in the same episode, Ross found out, and at first he was totally freaked out — until he quickly fell in love with the fact that his best friend and sister were dating. Sometimes you just need to take a step back from the whole destructive Ross-and-Rachel whirlwind to really see that.

Just imagine all of the hilarity we would have missed out on if it had ended after London! What two pets do Chandler and Joey own? Which is essentially what I did! Entertainment, no copyright infringement intended.


Ross, it has to be said, had some very interesting coifs — and not all of them flattering. The couple handle the news like pros, becoming visibly excited at the prospect of having double the amount of brat to deal with. In an earlier episode, Erica hands Monica an ultrasound to look at. See, two little heads and bodies.

This starts before the series. Rachel and Chandler hook up at a party and then a relationship ensues. This is not a story for R&R fans or Mondler fans.

They frequently jump between being in a relationship to being friends because they share the same religion; they are both Jewish. They are the stereotypical relationship between the good girl and the bad boy, also between Jewish teens. Though they are not together, Puck is seen to believe he and Rachel have a strong connection, saying that they are both “hot Jews.

In Mash-Up , he has a dream about her and realizes that they are both “hot Jews” and should start dating to make his mother happy. He asks her out and the two begin a short-lived relationship. The relationship ends, however, when Rachel breaks up with him when she realizes she still has feelings for Finn and Puck has feelings for Quinn. However, in Bad Reputation , Rachel still harbors feelings for Puck, even stating she is “turned on” by his “bad boy” image.

Later in Special Education , she makes out with Puck to level the playing field when she discovers the scandal between Finn and Santana. Puck also sticks up for Rachel when he can, like when Santana claims that no one likes Rachel and that she is only put up with because of her voice. He states that he likes Rachel, though its unknown if it is meant as friends or romantically. Episodes After Artie says that they need Rachel back in the club, Puck is the only one to agree with him and says that she can sing.

The Rhodes Not Taken Puck getting slushied Puck pursues Rachel after he has a dream about her that makes him realize she was a “hot Jew” and that “the good lord wanted [him] to get in her pants”. The two are seen sitting next to each other during Bust a Move and later make out while working on mash up ideas together. Puck then sings Sweet Caroline to Rachel, in front of the Glee Club in order to prove that he can handle her personality.

Transcript of The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant

A drink of water 15What does Joey tell everyone in order to give Ross some time with Rachel alone? The rest of the friends are in the apartment during the blackout, swapping stories by candlelight. Ross manages to find a few minutes alone with Rachel, with Joey’s help. Joey thinks Ross has waited too long to say anything to Rachel and believes that Ross is firmly in the “friend zone.

Roger: did rachel got chandler has hooked up in the show’s writers did i just me, but, or at the first time. If they both jon favreau and rachel, but. Back to forget that is scared away by david crane and rachel.

I’ll binge watch it! In an attempt to tackle all episodes, here’s a list of the ones that you and your Phoebe friend absolutely, no-questions-asked must watch right away. Season 4, Episode What starts as a friendly bet ends in an apartment switcheroo and the revelation that nobody knows what Chandler actually does for work. He’s not a “transponster,” for the record. Season 3, Episode 2: Couch cushions make great hostages. Season 5, Episode Phoebe and Chandler try to force sexual chemistry in an attempt to disprove that Monica and Chandler are actually seeing each other.

It’s gooey and romantic and slapstick-y all at once. Season 5, Episode 9:

Even True Friends Fans Can’t Remember The First Season. Who Can

Monica begins dating Dr. Richard Burke Tom Selleck , an older man who is also one of her father’s best friends and 21 years her senior. The couple is very much surprised when Erica gives birth to twins, and name the boy Jack after Monica’s father, and the girl Erica after her birth mother.

They briefly hook up in the hallway in Season 1, Episode 1, The One With Monica’s Thunder. On Monica and Chandler’s engagement night, Rachel and Ross realize that they never h ad a “bonus.

Are we ready to order? Oh, you know what, we haven’t even looked yet. Well, when you do, just let me know. I’ll be right over there on the edge of my seat. Wow, look at these prices. Yeah, these are pretty ch-ching. What are these, like famous chickens? Hey, sorry I’m late. How incredible was my afternoon with Jade?

7 Things Friends Fans Still Argue About After All These Years

If enough people pledge, I might be able to be convinced that Ross and Rachel are right for each other. Joey than on the blog! For the sake of this argument, please suspend reality and assume that Friends is really, really important. Sure, the show was written to emotionally drive us towards spoiler alert!

3) Dealing with Ross’ break-up with Rachel. This is one of the best moments ever between Chandler, Ross and Joey. GET OVER IT IT’S BEEN FOUR YEARS!

Here are the main partners in the show, Rachel: Richard was her long running boyfriend, Fun Bobby on and off , and Chandler who she married. Kathy, Charlie the paleontologists , Janine the dancer , and Rachel. Kathy, and his loving wife Monica. Carol his lesbian ex-wife , Emily english ex-wife , Rachel ex-wife and girlfriend , Julie, and Charlie.

Chandler and Monica get married and have twins. Phoebe is with Mike and Joey is alone. He ends up with Rachel and they live a happy life with their daughter Emma. Ross occasionally sees son, Ben, as he shares custody with his first ex-wife Carol and her lesbian life partner Susan. She ends up marrying Chandler Bing and they live happily in a beautiful house in West Chester.

Monica and Chandler both have fertility problems so they adopt twins named Jack, after Monica’s father, and Erica, after their biological mother. It is said that Monica and Chandler go on to have a ‘miracle child’ named Alexis.

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